Bangalore Journal

Sat, Aug 8, 2009

This is my 13th day in Bangalore. And the first week of my training at ToughtWorks has gone by. I learned lots of stuff, talked to some great people and made friends with some of them. I still have not overcome the difficulties of adapting to life in the City. May be I will soon, or I never will.

I had planned to post everyday about my experiences in TWU. But I did not have much time. The sessions last till 5:00 pm, and then I will be very tired to do much. I am really missing football. I had hoped to play with my friend Aneesh on last Sunday, but we were not allowed to play as one old guy who turned up decided that only regulars could play there. Sigh !!

One of the positive things have been that my flatmate is an amazing person. He is a leftist, and it seems we share the same view on all kind of issues. We have heated and passionate discussions/debates/arguments about all kind of things under the sun -politics, the economy, religion and technology. The fact that we have the same views on almost all issues allows us to go deep in to the subject and have very intellectually simulating discussions. The discussions continue till late in the night. He is a software engineer of tremendous experience, and I hope I will learn some things from him.

On the personal front, I have a big decision to make, but I am confused like anything. For the time being, I am going to play the ‘wait-and-watch’ game. Hope things turn out well.

The football season is kicking off tomorrow with the FA Community Shield. Looking forward to watching ManUtd in the new kit, with Rooney playing as the striker. The transfer market has almost died down, with Xabi Alonso’s move to Madrid being the last significant transfer. Sunderland is splashing lots of money, Darren Bent being the latest player to be on the payroll at the Stadium of Light.

Happened to read the incredible story of Wimbledon AFC’s remarkable rise through the Football pyramid. The fact that thy are playing Luton Town in the season opener is kind of an irony. Wimbledon AFC’s rise and Luton Town’s fall epitomizes everything the game of football represents - ecstasy and agony; pain and joy; dizzying heights and demoralizing lows. Good luck to AFC Wimledon! They did a tremendous job of rebuilding after their proud club was ‘moved’ to Milton Keynes and re-branded as MK Dons.

During one of heated debates with my friend, he made the point that the issue of Palestine had become one of ‘my ego’. I know I am emotional about Palestine, but is it a matter of ego for me? I am not sure.

The next week will see me and my fellow trainees at ThoughtWorks get some hands-on coding training. I am really looking forward to it.